Anyone who enjoys their drink will tell you that the degree of intoxication is heightened when there is a deeper sense of understanding and appreciation for that we hold in our glass. The world of wine and beverages is a fast-growing one and there is a paucity of educated professionals. The consumer today is well-travelled, dined, and discerning. Rather than consort to short-term tactics like discounting to boost sales, we need to convey a sensorial superiority based on educated evaluation. Hence the need for young professionals who don't just crunch numbers but feel passionately about their products. It isn’t simply enough to know cocktails and wines; a professional server must manage engaging conversations with the clients. They should know how to pour and, more importantly, when to stop.

India's youth today is secure - both financially and socially - and seeks new challenges. They wish to diversify into untraditional, passion-driven spheres of work without compromising their careers. A formal technical education hence is crucial for success in such uncharted territories. At IWBS we understand this and try to separate the essence of beverage professionals from other conventional forms of service. Our aim is to cater to a specialised yet lucrative sector of the hospitality industry.

In addition, the consumer too is an integral point of focus: bridging the gap between ignorant imbibing and selective sipping. The Institute is essentially wine-centric but other beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), as well as basic culinary knowledge will also be imparted. Theory is important, practice more so but neither is truly absolute unless complemented with certain peripheral skills. Accents, basic language skills, grooming and fine-dining etiquette, therefore, are also part of the program.

The IWBS motto is, (aa-yogya-ha puru-sho na-asti) – meaning, there is no person who is not able. The IWBS belief is that we all have what it takes to be the best in our chosen pursuit. Preparation and perseverance are the two things that create the difference.

Based on this philosophy, we at IWBS hope to never create yet another wine server or bartender. We wish to merely help people evolve an understanding of their own senses, opening them up as budding enthusiasts to the world of beverages.