For those curious about the visual identity of IWBS, here is its story. The logo takes inspiration from recurring geometries found across the sub-continent's (as also in other Eastern) cultures, when referencing various philosophical takes on life.

Often, the three symbols are also associated with water, fire and earth; again, aspects, that in balance, promote harmony and resonate with key requisites for success in this profession, as in any other.

For instance - the triangle, square and circle represent elements of fluidity, stability and continuity respectively; a symbiotic relationship that we at IWBS believe in deeply. As we enter the portals of learning our manner is fluid and adaptive. Through learning it stabilises and a more formed persona emerges. Finally, as we move out in to the world to apply that what we have learned, the education continues, in an eternal cycle. Together, the three symbols represent Alchemy – the magic ingredient that holds the potential to change life from a lesser state to a more divine golden consciousness.

On a more functional level, we apply the three symbols to suggest progression from level 1 to level 3 of the programme of studies at IWBS. Students go from being one dimensional in their knowledge and approach to a more holistic understanding of their place in the industry and equally, within themselves.

This is also our attempt to chisel a new image for the erstwhile sommelier. For too long we have adorned mundane pins with grape bunches, corkscrews, wine bottles and glasses to speak and symbolise our profession. A fresh new slick yet grounded look is what we feel is needed to upgrade this ancient art and bring it more to date. The IWBS pins are individually hand-crafted stylised accessories as also poised to become the new accepted universal code for Sommelier ranks.

This will shortly be followed by special clothing designed keeping in mind the tasks and working requirements of a sommelier. Stain-resistance, durability and contemporary styling would all be kept in mind to create the first ever aesthetical and yet functional garb for one of the oldest skills in the hospitality business.

Not to forget, this all is complemented by Pulltex wine accessories, which are a must-have for every wine enthusiast. Do drop by our store and have a browse.